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Never Flown by Private Jet Charter Before?

Are There Additional Costs Per Private Jet Rental Passenger?

There are no additional costs per passenger. At FlyUSA, we base our private jet rental prices per hour, not per guest. We do not charge for some of our optional concierge services, such as in-flight catering and entertainment, hotel bookings, and ground transportation. Our client’s time is valuable, so we provide the convenience and value of full concierge travel through the Trip Support team at FlyUSA. When you book a flight with FlyUSA, our aviation advisors can help manage your travel arrangements.

What Happens If I Want To Change The Time Of My Departure?

At FlyUSA we understand that private air travel is all about flexibility. Changing your departure time is typically not an issue when requested in advance, however, please give our FlyUSA team as much notice as possible so that we can confirm your new schedule is available with the operator.

What Happens When I Get To The Airport?

Most airports will have facilities called FBOs (Fixed Based Operators) where private aircraft passengers check-in for flights. At some airports, private aviation passengers can also be driven directly to their aircraft. Typically, you can board your private aircraft in 5 minutes or less however, in the event you arrive early or there is an unlikely delay, FBOs typically have private lounges for you to relax in.

How Do I Know What Type Of Aircraft I Need For My Trip?

The type of aircraft required will vary depending on a number of factors such as the number of passengers, trip distance, runway lengths, and budget. Our team of aviation experts are available 24/7/365 to assist.

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Can I Bring Pets With Me?

Of course! Some countries do have specific regulations for pet flights. Your private aviation advisor will help ensure you and your companions have the appropriate documentation for travel.

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How Much Luggage Can I Bring On My Private Aircraft?

The amount of luggage depends on the size of the aircraft and the number of passengers. Typically, in a small aircraft the baggage limit is one per passenger, however larger turbo props and jets have cargo holds that can fit up to 20 suitcases.

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How Much Do Private Jet Charters Cost?

Based on various factors, private jet charter costs start at $2,000 an hour and go up to $18,000 an hour. Smaller aircraft can often cost less than larger ones. The charter rate is based on a company’s combined hourly rate and the team’s hourly salary, along with the aircraft’s hangar, insurance, and maintenance costs. The hourly rate is influenced by aircraft fuel and the hourly wages of crew members.

The overall private aircraft charter cost is determined by three main factors:

  • The Location of the aircraft in relation to the departure location and in-flight positioning requirements.
  • The type of aircraft being chartered. The smaller the plane, the lower the cost of hourly chartering will be.
  • Availability of the preferred aircraft. When aircraft become scarce, hourly chartering costs go up.

How Quickly Can I Book A Private Jet Charter?

If you require a charter flight at short notice, you have found the perfect solution. The FlyUSA team has the necessary resources to organize a private charter flight on the same day. To initiate a private jet booking, call us directly at 346-241-4006 for a hassle-free experience.

Our advisors will require some essential information before providing a quote for a chartered flight. Here are some questions we may ask you:

  • What are your travel dates? Are they flexible? Your dates will likely determine your quote. If you have some flexibility, we may be able to find cost-effective empty-leg flights.
  • Where are you traveling to, and are there different airport options in the same area? Some locations have multiple airports nearby. If you have access to ground transportation, we can save you money.
  • Would you like us to handle any trip planning details for you? Our private aviation advisors are here to help with everything from in-flight catering to hotel accommodations to conference room rentals. 

Can I Bring Weed On A Private Jet Charter?

Flying with marijuana is prohibited as it is against the law. When smoking weed on a private jet while in flight, the pilots may be affected by the circulating air, which can compromise their ability to operate the aircraft, creating a hazardous environment for the passengers and crew.

Despite the fact that almost 30 states have legalized marijuana as of January 2020, it is not permissible to have marijuana on private jet charters. The regulation and governance of all public airports, airspace, and aircrafts fall under federal law and can be enforced through it.

How Far In Advance Do I Have To Arrive At The Airport?

If you have experience traveling on commercial airlines, you’re likely familiar with the routine: arrive at the airport a few hours early, check in and drop off your bags at the airline booth, join the security line and wait your turn to put your belongings on the conveyor belt. After all that, you proceed to your departure gate and wait in line to board the plane. Sometimes, the wait to board the aircraft can be longer than the flight itself. However, when you choose to charter a private jet, you can skip all the line-ups. You only need to arrive at the departure airport around 30 minutes before your flight. After a quick check-in and security check, you’ll go straight to your waiting aircraft. The crew will welcome you and give you a brief overview of what to expect during your flight. Once you’ve had a quick tour and briefing, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the benefits of flying privately.

How Does Weather Affect My Private Jet Flight?

If there are heavy winds, snow, or rain, then your flight could be delayed or canceled. The aircraft operator and crew might even adjust the route by calculating another plan to your intended destination. All of these procedures are in place to keep you and the crew safe during the flight. Inclement weather occurs on a daily basis. Don’t worry! Your pilot and the jet are ready to get you to your destination safely.

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Do Private Flights Go Through TSA?

Yes, private jet travelers are required to go through security. The security measures for private jets are similar to those for commercial flights, but may vary depending on the airport and country. Passengers and their luggage are screened for prohibited item. It is important to note that while the security process for private jets may be less stringent than for commercial flights, it is still in place to ensure the safety of all passengers and crew members.

You will experience a VIP experience with a personal escort through a private terminal, where the customs and immigration processes are efficiently handled with security being a top priority. If you have any last-minute additions to your travel party, such as colleagues, family members, or pets, they can still join you for departure as long as they have all necessary documentation readily available.

What are Empty Leg Flights?

Empty leg flights are the return or repositioning leg of a booked private jet charter flight.

For example, when an empty aircraft needs to travel into a new position for its next customer flight, or when it needs to return to its home base without any passengers. These flights are limited to specific departure times and dates, so there aren’t as many people who get the chance to travel on the empty leg.

Private jet operators lose money when they travel back and forth without any passengers. Empty legs aren’t ideal for operators and it’s often the case that these flights pop up last minute. This might be because the airline needs the plan in a different state at a moment’s notice or that there was an error in the planning of flights.

Empty legs are also just flights that certain aircraft take to get back to their home base. In any case, the reality is that they’re flights that don’t typically have passengers and the companies that own these jets want to fill as much space as they can.

After all, taking flights without passengers is a wasted opportunity for airlines to make money. With this in mind, airlines offer empty leg seats at ridiculously discounted rates for those who book them.

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