Welcome to Clearwater Airpark!
Under New Management as of March 1, 2023

KCLW – (27-58-36.071N, 082-45-31.455W)

Located at 100 North Hercules Avenue in the heart of Clearwater, Florida, Clearwater Airpark (KCLW) is your home for private jet charters and private flights in Pinellas County. The airport sits at an elevation of 71 feet above sea level, making it the only airport in Pinellas County that is not in a flood zone.

The Airpark is equipped with a 4108 foot runway.

Take offs and landings are permitted from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.
The FBO, managed by FlyUSA is attended daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

FlyUSA fees at Clearwater Airpark

Effective March 1, 2023

Ramp/Facility and Overnight Fees:

Tie Downs:

  • Single Engine Piston $15/day
  • Multi Engine Piston $25/day
  • Turboprop/Turbine $50/day


  • Single Engine Piston    $30/day
  • Multi Engine Piston     $75/day
  • Turboprop/Turbine     $100/day

First Day/Overnight waived with fuel purchase:

15 Gallons Single Engine Piston
30 Gallons Twin Piston
50 Gallons Turboprop/Turbine


Base Tenants: $0.50 per gallon

Office Location

Office Information:
1000 N Hercules Ave, Clearwater, FL 33765
(727) 325-5957

Did You Know?

  • Clearwater Airpark estimates approximately 50,000 operations annually
  • Approximately 125 aircraft are based at the airport
  • Clearwater Airpark is the highest airport in Pinellas County at 71 feet above sea level

Pilot Information

The AirNav and 5010 report for The Clearwater Airpark (CLW/KCLW) may not be updated to reflect changes.


Clearwater Airpark has one runway, 16/34, with an adjoining taxiway. Runway 34 has a right traffic pattern for noise abatement. The airport has a 2,114 square-foot general aviation terminal building that is scheduled to be replaced in 2023/2024. A maintenance facility/hangar is located on the field, as well as approximately 70 T-hangars, 30 covered “shade” hangers, and two corporate (multi-airplane) hangars.

One full-service fixed base operator, FlyUSA Inc., serves the airport tenants and provides services such as fuel. Additional services available at the airpark include aircraft sales, flight instruction, aerial sightseeing, and aerial photography.

History of the Airpark

The Fugazzis owned Picta Sabatia before this land was made into an airport. In a period of 1934-36, the Fugazzis gave parts of the land to the city of Clearwater. In the month of April of 1939, Clearwater Executive Airpark officially opened as an airpark, catering to the transient aircraft. During World War II, the airport was closed; however, it reopened in 1945, still operating under the airpark designation, but catering primarily to transient airplanes. At that time, Clearwater Airpark was a grass airstrip on 185 acres.

The airport was established in 1954 as a result of an agreement between Clearwater, Florida, and the Clearwater Flying Company, Inc. The site experienced a great deal of growth during the mid-1960s because of the development of the downtown region and the industrial park. Originally in 1970, Golf Park, Inc., bought the airport property and transformed the hangars into an 18-hole golf course and housing complex. Airpark was refreshed to its current design in the late 1970s.

Before 1980, the three grass airfields had a single paved runway on 62 acres. The land surrounding the airport was zoned for commercial use, and communication with locals became increasingly essential. Clearwater repurchased the land occupied by the airport in 1980. The city has owned and operated the airport since that time. The airport has proven to be a vital waypoint in Clearwater and other regions in recent years. Many businesses in the area depend upon general aviation.