Empty Leg Charter Flights Can Save You Money

May 25th, 2021 | Traveling Tips

Those who travel often are typically pretty good at finding great deals. This is especially true when it comes to scoping out ways to find private flights at extremely low rates, but still fly in luxury. We have a few tips for saving tons of money on private charter flight travel. We’re going to take a look at empty leg charter flights today, giving you a little insight into what they are and how they can save you a lot of money on travel. Let’s take a look at this little-known way to travel in style for a huge discount.

What are Empty Leg Flights?

Empty leg flights are the return or repositioning leg of a booked private jet charter flight.

For example, when an empty aircraft needs to travel into a new position for its next customer flight, or when it needs to return to its home base without any passengers. These flights are limited to specific departure times and dates, so there aren’t as many people who get the chance to travel on the empty leg.

Private jet operators lose money when they travel back and forth without any passengers. Empty legs aren’t ideal for operators and it’s often the case that these flights pop up last minute. This might be because the airline needs the plan in a different state at a moment’s notice or that there was an error in the planning of flights.

Empty legs are also just flights that certain aircraft take to get back to their home base. In any case, the reality is that they’re flights that don’t typically have passengers and the companies that own these jets want to fill as much space as they can.

After all, taking flights without passengers is a wasted opportunity for airlines to make money. With this in mind, airlines offer empty leg seats at ridiculously discounted rates for those who book them.

Booking an Empty Leg Charter Flight

There are a number of companies that list empty leg bookings from different airlines and help you catch them when they come up. You can also get in contact with a private charter and see what their policy on empty leg flights is. You might have to take a sudden trip across Florida, for example, and know that certain companies have flights running through the region all of the time.

When it comes to private charter companies, you have a better chance of getting access to empty leg flights because private jets are usually taking paying passengers in one direction, then journeying back to their home base. If there’s a chance for you to get on the plane as it heads back home, those tickets will be at a big discount to you. The best method is to contact a private charter company and ask them about the best ways to be informed about empty leg flights.

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