FlyUSA Aircraft Management FlyUSA Aircraft Management

Aircraft Management Services

Ownership with peace of mind.

FlyUSA provides complete private jet and aircraft management solutions for owning, leasing, chartering and operating your personal and/or business aircraft.

Our safety-first approach employs the highest standards and best practices to ensure that you enjoy a stress-free ownership experience.

Our complete aircraft management services include:

  • A detailed, rolling three-year projection of maintenance events
  • Managing all aircraft maintenance for your private jet
  • Updating software and avionics regularly
  • Scheduling and managing aircraft cleaning and detailing
  • Negotiating fuel, hangar and insurance discounts
  • Working with your aviation tax attorney to ensure compliance
  • Training, managing and payroll processing crew
  • Providing detailed reports based on your situation

A customized turnkey plan

Our services are never one-size-fits-all; instead, we customize your plan and prices to fit your needs.

Aircraft financial management

If needed, our experienced team is happy to handle the financial management of the LLC that holds your private jet/plane.

Our safety-first approach

Our priority is your safety and the safety of your passengers and aircraft. As an ARGUS Gold Rated Charter Operator, we adhere to the highest level of safety.

Cost monitoring & savings

We closely monitor the operating costs of your private jet/aircraft, while regularly updating your maintenance plans, to ensure that it’s managed as efficiently as possible.

Save on fleet insurance

As part of the FlyUSA fleet, you’re eligible for insurance discounts as long as your pilots adhere to our fleet’s pilot training and currency requirements.

Professional pilot services

We’ll provide cost-effective pilot services to fulfill specific requirements of your flight operations.

Acquisition & sale of clients’ aircraft

We help both buyers and sellers in their search, sale and acquisition of private jets/aircraft. For more information about aircraft acquisitions, please contact us.