How Much Luggage Can I Take on a Private Jet?

November 17th, 2021 | Traveling Tips

Are you interested in chartering a private aircraft for the first time? Maybe you want to charter a new aircraft and are curious about how much luggage you can bring? Contacting your FlyUSA Private Aviation Advisor will get you the best answer as the amount of luggage you can take on board depends on several things. In the meantime, here’s some helpful information that can help you determine how much to pack for your trip.

When discussing how much a private aircraft can carry, the simple answer is that it depends on the size of the aircraft and the itinerary. The number of passengers, length of runway, weather and other factors play a part as well. When all you want is to safely get to your destination, we believe in keeping things simple – number of bags and total weight.


Pilots have specific calculations that must be conducted prior to every flight based on total weight of the aircraft, fuel, weather factors, weight of passengers, and of course the total weight of luggage. For example, an aircraft traveling a short distance with less fuel may be able to carry more luggage and passengers and vice versa.

From the moment you inquire about a flight, your Advisor begins gathering information regarding where you want to go, how many passengers will be traveling, trip budget and luggage details. This information is required to determine the type of aircraft that will be most suitable for your flight. Private aircraft are not a one size fits all situation, providing luggage weight estimates as early as possible can help ensure you reserve an aircraft that will perfectly meet your specified needs.


When determining volume of your bags to take on a trip, a general rule is aircraft will typically accommodate one bag per passenger on light jets and turboprop aircraft. As the size of the aircraft increases, the number of bags per passenger will also increase. If you are traveling with heavy items or recreational items such as golf clubs, it is important to have the approximate dimensions to ensure they will be able to fit safely in the cargo compartment. Soft sided luggage is always recommended as they are easier to manipulate then hard sided luggage due to the curved body of the aircraft. Speaking with a private aviation advisor will help to determine if a specific aircraft will accommodate a desired luggage amount.

The most common calculation for baggage capacity on an aircraft is shown in cubic feet. This is where the size of the aircraft comes in. Larger aircraft with longer ranges will of course have more cubic feet of storage compared to smaller aircraft such as a Vision Jet or Pilatus which are used for shorter regional travel.

Here is a breakdown of baggage capacity by private jet cabin size category:

Light Jet: Will hold approximately 5 to 6 pieces of luggage.

Mid-Size Jet: Will hold approximately 7 to 8 pieces of luggage.

Super Mid-Size Jet: Will hold approximately 9 to 10 pieces of luggage.

Large Jet: Will hold approximately 11 to 15 pieces of luggage.

FlyUSA gives you access to accredited aircraft of all types and sizes – from turboprop aircraft to large body long range jets or VIP airliners. But aircraft models that are comparable in size can come with differences in terms of storage space.

Light Jets

When flying on a very light jet (VLJ) or a light jet, luggage is often limited to one piece of luggage per passenger. These jets typically accommodate four to six passengers with one piece of luggage each. Soft sided luggage is always recommended on an aircraft of this size. Some examples of a light jet are the Cirrus Vision SF50, Cessna CitationJet M2, and the Embraer Phenom 100.

Mid-Size and Super-Mid-Size Jets

With a seating capacity of six to eight passengers on a mid-size jet and seven to ten, on a super mid-size jet depending on the configuration of the aircraft, this is a great option for longer ranges and more luggage. Ranges of the luggage compartment for aircraft in this category still vary, but the general rule of one piece of luggage per passenger is still in play. Aircraft such as the Learjet 45 have 65 cubic feet of luggage capacity while the Cessna Citation XLS are able to carry 90 cubic feet of luggage. Many aircraft of this size do offer additional cubic feet of space in the storage compartment. Some aircraft holding up to 175 cubic feet of luggage. If luggage capacity is a concern for six to eight passengers, a mid to super-mid-size jet is recommended.

Large Jets

Large jets may be the best option for you if having more luggage is important for your trip. These jets offer spacious luggage areas and often can fit anywhere between 11-15 pieces of luggage. Large jets can often accommodate large and more specific pieces of luggage due to the sheer size of the aircraft and baggage area. When flying onboard of a large jet, a luggage capacity of 72 cubic feet in the Citation X all the way up to 443 cubic feet in the Embraer Lineage 1000E can be expected. A common luggage capacity number for large jets is 195 cubic feet. This number is seen in both Bombardier and Gulfstream large jets. This size jet is recommended if your trip will have multiple passengers and luggage capacity is a factor. Before choosing a specific aircraft, it is advised to inquire about luggage capacity of the aircraft.

With private aircraft luggage compartments varying between different aircraft, even when in the same class size, it is best to contact us at FlyUSA to speak about the details for your private jet flight. Here at FlyUSA we are always ready to answer all of your questions to accommodate your private charter needs. We take pride in our professional private aircraft services, and we always want to ensure a perfect flight experience. Safety is at the forefront of every flight, and we strive to follow the strictest safety standards in the aviation industry. For any private charter questions and concerns, do not hesitate to call FlyUSA!

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