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General Questions For Your Private Flight

How Does FlyUSA Get Quotes For My Private Flight?

When you submit your flight request to FlyUSA one of our private aviation advisors will review your request and conduct a full market analysis from our network of accredited aircraft operators. This ensures each request is quoted accurately and in line with your specific trip requirements.

How Many Different Aircraft Operators Can Quote My Flight?

While we are focused on Florida markets, the FlyUSA network actually includes over 7,000 aircraft world-wide. The number of operators quoting your flight will vary depending on the travel dates, location, and aircraft type you are requesting.

When Do I Pay For My Private Flight?

Unlike fractional ownerships or jet card schemes, when you book with FlyUSA there are no large upfront cost commitments. Instead, all of our private charter flights are paid for at the time of booking, ensuring the best possible market price for each flight.

What Method Of Payment Can I Use To Pay For My Private Flight?

As part of FlyUSA’s commitment to providing a superior private charter experience, we offer a range of payment options to meet our clients’ needs. A bank transfer is our industry’s preferred payment method, which does not incur any credit card fees.

FlyUSA also accepts credit card payments from Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Credit and Debit card payments are popular with clients for short notice flights as they are subject to a 4% fee.

What Do I Need To Know About Flying On Jets With Kids?

Parents can hold babies or use an approved baby carrier when flying. For toddlers, parents can either book a seat for them or have them sit on their lap, with each option having its own benefits and drawbacks depending on comfort needs and the child’s behavior.

Children over the age of 2 cannot be lap passengers and require their own seat, but since charter jet aircraft are typically smaller than commercial planes, families can sit together. Additionally, depending on the aircraft and destination, in-flight entertainment options may be available, but it’s always a good idea for parents to bring their own activities to keep children occupied during the flight.

I’m Pregnant. Can I Hire A Private Jet?

Although it is advisable to consult with your healthcare provider before booking a private jet, traveling by private jet during pregnancy is usually more convenient and comfortable than using a commercial airline.

The optimal travel time for pregnant women is subject to different medical opinions. However, many commercial airlines permit pregnant travelers to fly until the 36th week of gestation.

Before making any travel arrangements, it is advisable to consult with your doctor. While the internet may offer valuable advice for pregnant travelers, it cannot replace the guidance of a healthcare professional.

To mitigate the potential danger of turbulence, pregnant travelers must keep their seatbelts on continuously while seated. Additionally, to reduce the risk of venous thrombosis, wearing support stockings and taking breaks to move around and improve blood circulation is recommended.

What Can I Eat On My Jet Charter Flight?

Depending on the duration of your flight and the amenities available on the aircraft, you have the option to select from a range of inflight catering options. Our catering menus are designed to cater to various food preferences, tastes, allergies, and dietary restrictions.

We can even provide the type of meal you desire, whether it is a small snack or a full four-course meal that will leave you satisfied and content upon reaching your destination. We can offer these catering services on any size of aircraft, from a jumbo jet with a large team onboard to a small turboprop carrying just a single passenger.

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Do I Still Need A Passport When Travelling Privately?

Flying on an international private jet charter is considered one of the most coveted luxuries in the travel industry, providing convenient and comfortable travel. However, despite its exclusivity, there are still regulations and procedures that apply. Passengers boarding an international private jet charter must bring their passports and visas, and it is essential to check the expiration dates before departure. If the passport or visa expires within six months of the departure date, it is advisable to replace it. It’s also a good idea to keep a copy of the passport and leave one with a trusted person as backup.

For those traveling on business, a visa may be required, and it is essential to confirm with the employer or check the embassy or consulate website of the destination country to avoid any legal complications.

Pets are allowed to travel on private jet charters, but owners must provide documentation of their immunization records. Additionally, it is crucial to comply with the strict health, quarantine, and customs regulations of the destination country. The US Department of Agriculture provides a comprehensive list of requirements for traveling with pets to various destinations.

Do I Still Follow Customs/Immigration When Traveling On An International Jet Charter?

First-time passengers on international jet charters often wonder if the process differs from commercial flights. The answer is yes; passengers must still pass through customs and immigration when flying internationally on a private jet charter. Nevertheless, rules and regulations may vary depending on the country of arrival. For instance, at smaller airports, provisions may be made to accommodate passengers from other countries, while larger airports have designated customs and immigration personnel available round-the-clock.

When travelling on a private jet, security procedures and baggage checks are typically less stringent compared to commercial flights. Despite this, passengers on chartered jets are still required to adhere to the same processes. However, the waiting times are significantly reduced, and there are no long queues to contend with.

Travelling internationally with pets on a jet charter requires a few additional measures. You’ll need to obtain an International Health Certificate, commonly referred to as a pet passport, which includes your pet’s name, breed, color, age, vaccination details, and your contact information as the owner. It’s essential to note that each country has different requirements for pets. To ensure you and your pet can travel without any issues, inform your FlyUSA aviation advisor about your pet’s travel plans so that they can assist you in obtaining all the necessary documents before take-off.

Can Unaccompanied Minors Charter A Private Jet?

FlyUSA is capable of accommodating minors who require a private jet charter. However, certain protocols must be observed to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers onboard.

To allow an unaccompanied minor to fly with FlyUSA, both parents must sign and notarize a consent form. This form can be requested at the time of booking, and will be sent to you by one of our FlyUSA aviation advisors. You will then be required to print, sign, notarize, and return the form.

Additionally, it is necessary to identify who will be authorized to pick up the minor upon arrival at the destination. This information can be provided at the time of booking.

Other tips and suggestions for unaccompanied minors who charter a private jet include ensuring that each child possesses their own passport and travel documents when travelling to an international destination, and informing our Trip Support team if your child has any special medical or dietary requirements.

It is essential to remind your children that the aircrew has the authority on the aircraft, and appropriate conduct is expected if a crew member asks the child to fasten a seat belt or turn off an electronic device.

Can I Make Last-Minute Changes To My Itinerary?

If there is a need for changes in your plans, rest assured that we will make every effort to accommodate them. When you choose FlyUSA, you can enjoy the advantage of our superior flexibility compared to commercial airlines, enabling us to offer a wide range of air charter services.

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