What food can I have on a private aircraft?

August 4th, 2022 | Traveling Tips

What food can I have on a private aircraft?

That’s a question often asked by private charter travelers.

Well, the answer is “just about anything you want.”

When flying on a private aircraft, you should expect a few gastronomical delights, in addition to the flexibility, security, privacy and conveniences of your trip. The meal service can often make or break your experience in the air. Planning can help you avoid any disappointments during your trip. On many flights, you can enjoy a healthy snack or delicious meal. You might even be able to take your own food on the aircraft. Every detail of your FlyUSA charter jet flight, including the food, is tailored to make your journey as pleasant as possible. Catering is often available although options often depend on the size of the plane.

Bringing food on the plane

When you fly on a FlyUSA private charter, every effort is made to fulfil your every wish, including the kind of food you would like on board. While you are often allowed to bring your own food on a private aircraft, there might be some restrictions for your flight. Many planes don’t have the space to accommodate the food or keep it safe to serve.

You should also think about the refrigeration options available to you. A few planes only contain a microwave and a small refrigerator. Before bringing food on your next flight, ask one of FlyUSA’s knowledgeable representatives whether the aircraft can accommodate it, and you should also remember that even if you can bring food on board, you might not be able to take it off the charter. Some countries have restrictions on certain fruits, meats and vegetables leaving the plane.

Accommodations for special requests

Finding a satisfying meal can be challenging if you have dietary requirements or food allergies. Private charter companies can accommodate all types of dietary requests, including keto, vegan, kosher, gluten-free and paleo. It is vital for those with a food allergy to speak with FlyUSA before the flight. With adequate notice, a team member can provide you with a delicious meal or snack for the trip regardless of your dietary requirements.

Plan for a celebration

Many people charter private planes for special occasions. If that is the case for your next trip, ask about unique options for dining. Let the FlyUSA charter team know about your celebration. You never know, but a bottle of champagne could be waiting for you as you board. A meal on a FlyUSA private charter is a chance to enjoy a fabulous lunch or dinner in the air. The crew is there to cater to your wishes. If you have a favorite food, make sure to let the team know before the flight.

Meals on a smaller aircraft

Smaller aircraft have limited space but that shouldn’t affect an incredible onboard dining experience.

No galley in which to cook a hot meal. You can always have a charcuterie board with sliced meats and cheeses. Or you can get fruit platters, sandwiches, salads or snacks and all sorts of drinks, alcoholic or non-alcoholic like tea, coffee, water or soft drinks.

Since most flights only spend a short amount of time in the air, passengers usually don’t want a full meal anyway but if you are expecting a full meal, ask your FlyUSA representative about getting a pre-made meal that can be heated on the plane and served in the cabin.

Meals on a larger aircraft

If you are flying on a large aircraft, you have a few more options for your meal service. The bigger aircraft have more room to store and warm food on board, giving you more food choices. A few of these aircraft even have space for a chef to prepare a hot meal for your trip.

Bring local specialties or fast-food on board

No matter where you travel, consider sampling the local cuisine. Those heading to Asia might want to request dim sum or dumplings. Going to Europe? Maybe specialty pastries with an Italian or French twist. Visitors to different U.S. cities might want to taste the regional specialties near their destination.

Ordering take-out to take up is convenient and popular for many busy private charter travelers. From McDonald’s hamburgers to Domino’s Pizza to a dish from a local restaurant, any food you want can be delivered to the plane or picked up by a crew member in time for your flight.

A surprising consideration

Before you select, remember that food can taste differently in the air. The high altitude and cabin pressure can affect your taste buds. Along with that, low humidity levels diminish and often affect a person’s sense of smell. If you don’t know what would be best for your trip, you can always ask a FlyUSA representative to consult with an in-flight culinary team to make suggestions. Certain selections hold up better than other choices. Sometimes, an unusual cut of meat will have more flavor and taste better at a higher altitude.

Plan meals and snacks according to your flight time

It is a great idea to plan your inflight snacks and meals based on the time of day you travel. With that, you can avoid jet lag and hunger pangs. For example, morning travelers should make sure that the crew has a selection of pastries, coffees, teas and juices for the flight. If there is room on board, ask if the crew can serve breakfast sandwiches or other light bites. If you take off after lunch, you might want to consider an afternoon coffee or tea service. Sandwiches, scones and savory snacks are ideal options for a mid-day flight. Those traveling in the evening might want to plan for an appetizer or cocktail on the flight.

Whatever the option, you’ll eat well

As you can tell, there are various options for your next inflight meal. While the aircraft size limits some dining options, you can still find a selection of choices to enjoy on your journey. Before you travel, consult with FlyUSA to make sure all your favorites are ordered and are on board for the flight.

If you are ready to head off on your next business trip or vacation, travel with FlyUSA! Our team will find the best dining options for your private charter trip. Whether it’s a short trip or a long haul, we have a wide range of selections to make a memorable in-flight dining experience for you.

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