Can I Buy a Seat On a Private Jet from FlyUSA?

July 7th, 2022 | Traveling Tips

People often ask if they can just buy a single seat on a private jet instead of chartering the entire jet from FlyUSA?

The simple answer is no. While there are private jet charter providers that have attempted to sell single seats on a private jet, FlyUSA does not. We believe that passenger comfort, privacy and safety are the most important factors when booking private flights. You have total control over when you leave, where you go — and who is traveling with you. The cost is the same whether you are the only person on board, or the private jet is filled to capacity.

What is the difference between first-class and private charter?

“FlyUSA gets lots of calls from people who want to know if they can buy a seat or share a jet” says FlyUSA co-founder William Holtz. Most of those people are likely already buying first-class tickets on commercial airliners and are looking to fly even more luxuriously. While flying first-class on a commercial jet may give you priority boarding, more leg room and better snacks than coach, you still have to deal with cancellations, crowds, TSA lines and other discomforts of commercial flights.

One of the many upsides of flying on a private jet is the opportunity it gives to be more productive without the distraction of others. In the cabin of a private jet, there are fewer seats per square foot than commercial airliners and they are grouped in ways that allow passengers to work or relax alone or with others. Most seats are designed for comfort and have fold out tables that are big enough that you can actually get work done or rest comfortably — in comfort and peace.

Are private jets are more reliable?

Delays and cancellations on commercial carriers have always been a possibility, but they are at record highs since the pandemic set the world on edge. It’s no secret that commercial airlines are also suffering from pilot shortages because of the pandemic. When you add in cancelled flights due to bad weather, plane shortages and not enough crew members, getting where you are going on time becomes a gamble on a commercial airline.

If the cost of failing to get to your destination on time is more than the cost of chartering a private jet, forget about buying that single ticket and let FlyUSA provide you and your passengers with the right private jet for you to charter.

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