The Cost of Time for Successful Business Leaders

February 4th, 2021 | Traveling Tips

In a study conducted by Forbes Magazine, many of those who are considered highly successful leaders all ranked the same answer as number one. Time.

It’s been said that “Your time, energy, and attention are the most valuable resources you have. You can use these resources to make more money. But you can’t use your money to make more of these resources.” But what if we told you that statement was wrong?

There is a way to use your money to make more of these resources. Choosing to fly private is the solution. Private charters will save you both time and energy, two of your most unexpendable resources.

But how much time can chartering a private flight truly save you? The answer might surprise you as it adds up to being quite a bit! It boils down to three main components. More airport options, faster flight times, and no lines.

FlyUSA operates using aircrafts that can reach more than 7,000 airports, whereas our commercial cousins are only authorized to land in roughly 300 worldwide. We will get you closer to your ultimate destination, saving potential hours of travel time spent in the car. With private jets cruising at speeds over 500mph, these faster and more fuel efficient jets can significantly cut down flight times as well. Unless you would like to schedule a stop, or there is a required momentary refueling, private charters are scheduled to be direct flights so you’ll never have to worry about layovers again. As for lines, say goodbye to being stuck in security, lines for check ins, and waits for baggage.

One and a half to three hour wait times for flying domestic or international is a thing of the past. You can expect to arrive only around fifteen to twenty minutes before your scheduled takeoff and your FlyUSA advisor can arrange a car service to drive you right up to your plane.

With our team of highly esteemed aviation advisors ready to take your call, let us protect your most valuable resources and provide you with a world class travel experience.

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