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December 17th, 2020 | Seasonal and Holidays, Traveling Tips

Everyone knows the holidays can be a stressful time. Planning travel home to see family and friends has been a scientifically proven leading cause for grey hairs. Just kidding, don’t get your dye kits out just yet.

However, we aren’t kidding when we say here at FlyUSA our goal is to take the stress out of your trip. We want you to have the ultimate worry-free vacation and are here to help with all the pesky details. Below is a list we gathered of holiday travel tips to get you to your final destination hassle-free. Soon enough you’ll be snoozing like Santa at 20,000 feet.

  1. Private jet charters are available on a first come first serve basis. With the number of flights being booked at this time, the options for aircrafts are becoming limited fast. Pricing will spike to reflect this increase in demand.
  2. There’s an increase in American air traffic to New York, Colorado, and Florida with the majority of travelers heading north to south.
  3. Be sure to discuss with your advisor about your plans and ultimate destination. There may be alternative airports closer to your final stop that are not as heavily advertised but will save you time in the car being stuck in traffic.*Pro Tip: If you’re heading to Colorado for a mountaingetaway, this is especiallyapplicable to you. Make sure to mention which resort and mountain you’re staying at.
  4. Remember to account for ground transportation upon your arrival. With the increase in demand for flights, flight crews, caterers, and ground transportation are all effected. Car services are available to schedule pickups right on the runway. However, planning ahead is crucial.
  5. Commercial airline flights will be crowded and lines will double in size. Flying private can provide peace of mind with the Covid-19 pandemic upon us.
  6. Remember weather can affect flight availability as well.
  7. Flights booked and paid for in 2020 will not be subject to a 7.5% Federal Excise Tax due to The Cares Act. *Pro Tip: Book and pay for your travel for January and February now to save money before this ends on December 31st (2020).

If you are still yet to book your holiday travel, now is the time. The most popular travel dates are December 17th-31st and January 1st-6th. FlyUSA is here to find you the best jets, pricing, and itineraries available. Our aviation advisors are ready to assist with all of your holiday travel needs. Give us a call at (727)-513-9064 or email us

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