5 Reasons Your Business Should Charter Private Flights

December 2nd, 2020 | Traveling Tips

1. Productivity

Private aviation is more than just a means of transportation—it’s a tool currently used by thousands of businesses to capitalize on productivity. Let’s face it: being productive while flying commercial is next to impossible. However, with the absence of crowds, layovers, queues and connections, private aviation greatly increases your team’s productivity and makes use of valuable time. When you charter a private jet, it’s like having an office in the sky—the perfect environment for meetings and focus when needed most.

2. Time Savings

Everyone knows time is money. Unlike commercial flying, there is no need to show up 2-3 hours early for a private flight. Simply show up at the executive terminal and board your flight. Avoiding commercial airport queues means your team can be wheels up in a matter of minutes. Another consideration that isn’t common knowledge—private jets are faster than commercial aircraft because they can cruise at higher speeds and at higher altitudes, avoiding commercial air traffic congestion.

3. Privacy

Believe it or not, flying “private” means just that. In a private aircraft, your team can hold meetings, have discussions and collaborate on projects without having to worry about other travelers overhearing confidential information.

4. Flexibility

There are times when last minute trips are necessary. In these critical situations, private aviation provides unrivaled agility and schedule flexibility. These advantages include:

  • No time constraints—the passenger sets the departure times
  • The ability to make multiple stops in multiple cities in a single day
  • Complete control of itinerary, including last minute changes
  • Access to thousands of airports not served by commercial aviation

5. Schedule predictability

Almost 25% of all commercial flights are delayed. And because airlines are squeezing more people in planes and conducting fewer flights, a missed connection makes the odds of getting to your meeting on time increasingly slim. When the future of your business depends on you, flying private business aviation with FlyUSA is an invaluable tool.

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