Booking a Private Flight is the Smartest & Safest Form of Air Travel During Covid-19

February 11th, 2021 | Traveling Tips

In the post-pandemic world we live in today, the general population is beginning to return to the skies. With most major commercial airlines back to booking flights at 100% capacity, both airports and aircrafts are becoming increasingly crowded. With Covid-19 still in full effect, now is a crucial time to be thinking about your safety while getting to your destination.

In the past, flying by a private jet charter has been mainly associated as a luxury for the rich. However, the health and safety benefits that private aviation offers can no longer be overlooked. With a range of aircrafts available starting with piston planes and turboprops, the cost of opting for safer travel alternatives can be surprisingly more affordable than expected.

Flying private has numerous advantages when it comes to ensuring a healthy travel experience. Between the use of private terminals, drive-up access, and not worrying about social distancing onboard the aircraft, many are turning to this option as a less stressful way to enjoy travel. “With check-in, security, and access to bathrooms and food, there are about 700 touchpoints that travelers can be exposed to when traveling commercially,” says Ian Moore, chief commercial officer of VistaJet, “Meanwhile, private aviation offers a seamless and effective private terminal process with only 20 touchpoints.”

Unlike the congested commercial terminals, private aircraft flyers use isolated executive terminals, referred to as fixed-based operators. These smaller locations often boast private lounges instead of crowded uncomfortable gates and security screenings aren’t required. Private charter passengers completely bypass crowded lines, touching security bins, and walking barefoot through scanners. Minimal contact with baggage is also a benefit flying out of these smaller locations. Upon arrival, line service technicians will take the baggage of the customers and give it directly to the pilots to stow on the aircraft. The process is very transparent and removes the aspect of numerous people handling your property like in a traditional airport setting.

Recent studies have found that the risk of contracting Coronavirus is 30 times less when flying private versus commercially. With the ability for flyers to typically board their aircraft immediately upon arrival, these terminals are much less packed, limiting those close proximity interaction that aid in spreading the virus. Many airports also allow passengers to drive directly up to their aircraft and be picked up airside, avoiding the need to enter the terminal entirely.

Private planes also have the capability to access more remote airports worldwide which can lead to a significant reduction of travel time. Commercial travelers are limited to the route networks of the airlines they choose while private planes and jets can take advantage of nearly any public-use airport, as long as the runway is long enough. With shorter overall journeys, travelers are able to limit their exposure away from controlled environments. This in turn means less exposure to potential pathogens and germs.

With the current spikes being seen with the Coronavirus, travelers may be quick to cancel plans. While this is an understandable reaction, it’s definitely in a customer’s best interest to explore the option of private aviation. Why cancel travel plans that may be crucial to making that business deal happen, making it on family vacation, or just taking some much needed to time get away? Choosing to fly private is the smart, healthier alternative that has never before been so affordable. Skip the crammed airports and uncomfortable flights and make the choice to put your safety first.

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