Top 5 Very Light Jets in Comfort & Style

February 25th, 2021 | Traveling Tips

When people book private charters, no matter what size, everyone shares the same goal: “Get me to my destination.” Some opt for all the frills, the bigger the better! While others might seek out something smaller to get them to their final destination fast and efficiently, such as short trip to Orlando. The very light jet was born from this need in the market. A step above pistons and turboprops, VLJs incorporate the efficiencies of turboprops but function with some of the performance capabilities of their larger jet cousins. Very light jets can be defined as single-pilot-operated entry-level jets. These aircraft carry four to eight individuals and oftentimes have a maximum take-off weight of 10,000 pounds. VLJs are ideal for short-distance flights, cruising at higher altitudes, they offer longer ranges than turboprops and provide smoother rides, getting you to your destination in a timelier manner. Their size alone makes them highly economical. With the ability to land on shorter runways, the majority of very light jets can get you as close to your destination as possible.

Below we have outlined some of our customers’ and our own favorites in the very light jet category:

#1 Cirrus Vision Jet

The Cirrus Visionjet is a stunning aircraft that offers safety features we at FlyUSA absolutely love. At FlyUSA our number one priority is our customers, creating an unforgettable experience for them and getting them to their destination safely. The Cirrus Vision Jet will do just that. With its built-in “Safe Return” autonomous feature, if for some reason a pilot becomes incapacitated during flight, customers are able to safely land the jet with one touch of a button. The Visionjet will take care of the rest, recalibrating to fly at proper airspeeds using the jet’s autothrottle system, navigating around hazardous terrain and weather, and using remaining fuel to select the proper airport to land, all while alerting emergency services. The technology in these private jets is world-class and the attention to luxury detail does not go unnoticed.


Max Takeoff weight: 6,000 lbs

Max Operating Altitude: 31,000 ft

Take off Distance: 2,036 ft

Max Range: 1,275 nm

Max Cruising Speed: 305 ktas

Seats including crew: 7

Payload: 1,400 lbs

#2 Cessna Citation M2 Jet

The Cessna Citation M2 is the Very Light Jet pilots have been asking for. Combining comfort and extreme jet performance, this VLJ is in a league of it’s own. With sophisticated touch control avionics and an elegant design, as Pilots we are a huge fan of this aircraft. Along with the luxury and performance the M2 provides, we are also extremely impressed by this jet’s Fresh Air System. With Covid-19 still prevalent, this feature provides peace of mind for traveling on a business or corporate charter. The Fresh Air System circulates fresh air from outside into the cabin by drawing it in through the engines. The engines heat the air killing germs and pathogens before allowing it to enter the cabin at an appropriate temperature.


Max Takeoff weight: 10,700 lbs

Max Operating Altitude: 41,000 ft

Takeoff Distance: 3,210 ft

Max Range: 1550 nm

Max Cruising Speed: 404 ktas

Seats Including Crew: 7

Payload: 1,510 lbs

#3 Eclipse 550 Jet

Boasting a stylish interior and competitive performance, the Eclipse 550 breaks into our list of favorites. With the ability to fly at a maximum altitude of 41,000 feet, cruising at 430 mph, and consuming 59 gallons of fuel an hour, the Eclipse 550 was once dubbed the most efficient twin-engine jet on the planet. Along with its superior comfort and efficiency, this very light jet comes standard with state-of-the-art technology helping to simplify the workload for pilots and significantly reduce risk.


Max Takeoff weight: 6,000 lbs

Max Operating Altitude: 41,000 ft

Takeoff Distance: 2,433 ft

Max Range: 1,125 nm

Max Cruising Speed: 375 kts

Seats Including Crew: 6

Payload: 636 lbs

#4 Honda HA-420 Honda Jet

With a unique design hailing from Japan and three decades’ worth of research, the Honda Jet is one of the world’s most capable very light jets. Known for its prominent over-the-wing engine configuration, this VLJ offers a stylish and efficient ride to almost any short distanced destination. This over-the-wing configuration offers 30% more space with the same dimensions and claims to cause reduced drag at higher speeds. The Honda Elite, which is known to be the updated version of the Honda Jet is also worth a notable mention.


Max Takeoff weight: 10,600 lbs

Max Operating Altitude: 43,000 ft

Takeoff Distance: 3,934 ft

Max Range: 1,206 nm

Max Cruising Speed: 420 kts

Seats Including Crew: 7

#5 Cessna Citation Jet

Simplicity, economy, and performance is the best way, to sum up, the Cessna Citation Jet. Powered by two Williams FJ44 turbofans that produce 1,900 pounds of thrust each, this Jet was built to get you places. Ideal for trips just over an hour-long, the efficiency of the Citation Jet sets it in a class apart from the rest. The pricing for the luxury offered on these private charters is also one of the CJ’s most attractive features.


Max Takeoff weight: 10,600 lbs

Max Operating Altitude: 41,000 ft

Takeoff Distance: 3,280 ft

Max Range: 1,161 nm

Max Cruising Speed: 381 kts

Seats Including Crew: 7

Payload: 430 lbs

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