FlyUSA Receives Wyvern Broker Membership

May 31st, 2022 | Company News


Clearwater FL, (May 31st, 2022) – Private jet charter and aircraft management company, FlyUSA has successfully enrolled in the WYVERN Broker Membership program. WYVERN Brokers have access to our aviation Compliance Enhancement System (ACES) data platform, which allows them to be the most intelligent charter buyers in the industry.

“FlyUSA is proud to announce our enrollment in the WYVERN Broker Membership program as we continue leveraging technology to increase safety and transparency for our customers,” says William Holtz, President, FlyUSA.


FlyUSA is now eligible to provide clients with a Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) report, which verifies that the operator, aircraft, and crew meet the global benchmark in safety, The Wingman Standard. ACES also enables our brokers to establish custom safety analysis reports meeting their needs.


“WYVERN is pleased to add FlyUSA as a new broker. This relationship demonstrates FlyUSA’s dedication to elevating safety for their clients,” says Patti Arnott, Senior Director of Membership. WYVERN uses state-of-the-art technology and hands-on data mining to obtain accurate real-time data, which includes training documents, crew currency, insurance levels, maintenance training, and additional relevant information. Thousands of data points are reviewed manually and within the system daily.


About FlyUSA

FlyUSA, Inc., headquartered in Clearwater, FL., is an asset-light, technology-enabled business providing end-to-end private aviation solutions to over 500 US-based clients. FlyUSA provides on-demand charter services as well as aircraft acquisition and management services.


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WYVERN Ltd is the leader in aviation safety risk management and training. Building on its 30-year reputation for delivering value to the aviation community, WYVERN ensures operational excellence through its flagship Wingman and Flight Leader Programs. WYVERN’s EXACT Program is a comprehensive and professional safety certification program for UAS end-users and operators. WYVERN’s Safety Leader Training Course™ provides the education and training that enables professionals to achieve operational excellence in any aviation organization skillfully.


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