FlyUSA Introduces Exciting New “Elite” Membership & Loyalty Programs

March 9th, 2023 | Company News

Clearwater FL, March 9, 2023 – FlyUSA, a leading private aviation company in the United States, is announcing the launch of its new “Elite” membership & loyalty programs. These new programs are designed to provide exclusive benefits and rewards to FlyUSA’s most loyal customers.

FlyUSA’s Loyalty Program is a tiered program that rewards you based on your annual and lifetime spending with the company. You will gain access to more benefits and rewards as you move up the membership tiers of Gold Elite, Platinum Elite, and Diamond Elite.

Some of the benefits of our loyalty program include the following:

  • Priority booking on peak days.
  • Ground transportation and catering credits of up to $500 per trip.
  • Preferred dynamic pricing.
  • Guaranteed availability of private aircraft.

One key benefit to highlight is the advantage of preferred dynamic pricing for customers. Their flights are usually 20% less expensive than most jet card programs, and they have no long-term commitment.

“We think the industry has historically gotten these programs wrong. Many programs are based on how big a wire transfer you send or how much your balance on the account is. Most programs give little to no credit to how much business a client has done historically. That’s where we start. While new clients can buy into our Platinum and Diamond Elite Tiers with an appropriate deposit, our program is designed to immediately benefit our most loyal customers, regardless of their current account balance.” said Barry Shevlin, FlyUSA’s CEO.

To learn more about in FlyUSA’s new programs, visit and

About FlyUSA

FlyUSA, Inc., headquartered in Clearwater, FL., is an asset-light, technology-enabled business providing end-to-end private aviation solutions to over 600 US-based clients. FlyUSA provides on-demand charter services as well as aircraft acquisition and management services. To learn more about FlyUSA, visit

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